Michael Ritzmann

President & Life Coach

Studying practical social work in Switzerland in 2003, Michael had transitioned from working in graphic arts to working with people. Initially, he worked as a supervisor for a reintegration program, “Care-Men.” Subsequently, Michael had the opportunity to work for a state psychiatric clinic as a supervisor at the drug detention centre, where he gained — what he describes as —”a profound experience” in this area of mental health.

For more than 8 years, Michael has held the position of “Socio Cultural Animator” (a type of Social Worker) at Salvation Army Switzerland in Zurich. In this role, he encouraged and empowered people in difficult life circumstances and conflict situations. As a life-long learner, Michael continued taking courses to  further his education, focusing on developing expertise in de-escalation skills, conflict resolution, verbal and non-verbal communication, and motivational speaking. Moreover, Michael obtained his certification specializing in life coaching with the Certified Coaches Federation. He joined Crowning Life Consulting in 2016 and functions as President, Certified Life Coach and Parenting Time Supervisor.”

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