Karen Knudson BSW Crowning Life Consulting Kelowna

Karen Knudson

Associate & Parenting Time Supervisor

Karen has worked with children and families for over twenty years. Her approach with supervising family visits has evolved over time and has made her a specialist in working with children and families faced with challenging situations. With her extensive experience, Karen possesses the expertise to help navigate children and families through conflict and disputes. With a listening ear and compassionate approach, Karen skillfully takes on a neutral role, allowing each party to feel heard and understood. Striving to be sensitive to each family’s challenge and to bring out their strengths, Karen believes that her support and guidance is key to the process.

Coming from a diverse social work background, Karen has always kept her focus on helping the family or individual recognize where change can be nurtured while also gently encouraging individuals to veer away from unhelpful patterns. She strives to make children feel safe and comfortable in what can initially be an emotionally awkward situation for both children and adults. Karen recognizes that supervision is a process and this understanding is evident in her compassionate approach.

Karen has earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Work with the University of Victoria in 1994 and graduated with honours. She has worked in a variety of programs with children and families where she gained experience in a wide spectrum of issues, such as abuse, mental health, child development, alcohol and drug addictions, separation and divorce and parenting skills training. As counsellor for the Elizabeth Fry Society, Karen’s therapeutic focus was on abuse, grief, loss, trauma, anger and shame with a passion for healing and restoration. Karen has been with Crowning Life Consulting since 2013, serving many families in the role of the parenting time supervisor.

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