Supervised Parenting Time

Redefining Family

Crowning Life Consulting supports families during separation and divorce, empowering each family member through counselling, mediation and consultation.

Family Services Solutions

Going through separation and divorce is difficult. It can leave family members feeling hurt, frustrated, and/or sad. There is a solution to spousal conflict and its effects on the parent-child relationship. Crowning Life Consulting provides supervised parenting time in a safe and conflict free environment. As a result, caring relationships between parents and their children are maintained and/or reconstructed.

Friendly and Fun Environment

Crowning Life Consulting works to create the opportunity for a pleasant visit with your child/ren. Supervised Parenting Time can take place:

  • At the parent’s home
  • At parks, playgrounds or other community activities
  • At a play room

The Child’s Interest First

  • Children can maintain, or obtain a positive relationship with both of their parents
  • Children are not put in the middle
  • Children visit in a safe and stress free environment
  • Children experience quality time with their parents

Your Case is Unique

Crowning Life Consulting recognizes that each family situation is different. We provide tailor-made action plans to suit your needs.

  • Court ordered supervised parenting time
  • Conflict resolution after separation and divorce
  • Support to reconstruct parent-child relationship after long term separation
  • Parenting skills and child development education

The bitter nature of the divorce often left me feeling extremely frustrated and saddened. Iris was definitely a ray of light to me during this difficult time in my life. I always felt very comfortable around her during the visits and just having her there was a great addition. She always had a calm demeanour and dealt with whatever came up in a fair and impartial way.

– S.W.

Iris Wagner represented herself and her abilities as a child care supervisor extremely well. I witnessed my children enjoying her company beyond what I expected and her warm, kind, honest personality will be an asset to her community services and any future client.

– Jason A.

Mrs. Wagner has always respected both parties’ issues that arose during a visit and handled it with care, according to each parent’s need, considering their emotions as well as making sure the child was safe and comfortable.

– Shannon G.

Getting Started

Intake Interviews

The first step is to schedule an Intake interview.  An Intake interview is an in-office appointment at our office and usually takes about 60 minutes.  We will have a few questions about your family history and what your current situation looks like. This insight will help us to develop a tailor made service assisting you to move forward in the most successful way.

All supervised parenting time services have the option of no contact between adults of the same family. We handle all scheduling from requests to confirmations and facilitate all transitions to make sure parties are able to arrive and leave without fear of confrontations or accusations. It is critical that adults feel safe and calm during appointments so that children can get a sense of safety.

The parent may choose where they would like to spend time with their children – it may be at the parent’s home, at parks, playgrounds, community places, or in a room full of toys. What’s important is that we create an environment where a parent feels safe from false accusations or parental conflict so they can focus on being excited to see their child. How children feel about supervised parenting time will vary depending on their age and experiences, but the main factor will be what they hear and sense from their parents. It is very important that both parents encourage their child to participate and enjoy visits.

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