Family Mediation

Mediation Services

Through our mediation services, we help resolve family and relationship conflicts. It can become challenging for parties to engage in a meaningful dialogue when conflict escalates and emotions take over. Mediation is an alternative conflict resolution process that supports two or more individuals to identify and reconcile differences, thus arriving at concrete agreements.

Conflict within the family, whether living together or separately, can create stress and turmoil for the entire family unit. We work with you to diligently sort through differences, strengthen your resiliency and build stronger relationships. Our goal in working with  you is to bring the best resolution to the problems at hand and to create a nurturing family environment even during times of adversity.

We focus on diverse and complex family issues, which include:

  • marital issues
  • separation/divorce issues
  • infidelity
  • extended family issues
  • parenting issues
  • culturally sensitive issues, etc.

In cases where face-to-face meetings are not possible due to the intensity of the situation, we offer a flexible process where the mediator assists in the resolution of differences by moving between the parties. This approach allows participants to create an agreement to move forward while having the added comfort and support.

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