Counselling Services


We believe that you can transform your life from who you are to who you want to be and that we are the team who can assist you in this journey. With a wide variety of services, we will lead you towards improved relationships, greater happiness, personal growth and exploration, as well as increased balance in your life. With you in mind, we are committed to flexible and convenient services, therefore, accommodating our clients’ needs by offering in office, online and telephone counselling appointments.

Individual Counselling

Your situation is unique and so is our approach. In a safe, caring and confidential environment, we explore your feelings, beliefs or behaviours. This process can help you work through challenging circumstances, anxiety, depression, grief and/or loss. It might help you resolve difficult relationships with others, identify aspects of your life that you would like to change, and/or set personal goals to work towards.

Family Counselling

No family dynamic is ever the same and so challenges vary from family to family. Regardless, whatever the challenge may be, we are equipped and committed to giving you the tools to address it while also  improving communication between family members and fostering a healthy family environment. Family counselling will be tailored to your specific needs and ultimately help you reach your goals. The conflict resolution or mediation that occurs with in counselling may be most beneficial in conjunction with parenting education.

Couples Counselling

Getting the love you want and deserve in your relationship is possible. It is normal for even the most ‘in love and committed couples’ to experience challenges and roadblocks. If you feel ‘stuck’ as a couple, you are not alone. Many couples arrive at this place without even knowing how they got there. A good relationship however requires skill. Our team is committed to helping you skillfully navigate through your difficulties as a couple so that you can both experience a greater sense of connectedness and have a more satisfying relationship.

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Children & Adolescent Counselling

We believe in assisting children and adolescents by helping them develop tools for life. We understand that life can bring challenges and may leave young people feeling overwhelmed. Our counsellors will help your child or young adult on their journey of well-being and encourage them to use these challenges as opportunities to further develop their skills for exceptional living. Therapy with children and adolescents from ages 3-17 comprises the majority of our work. Our counsellors are experienced in many child and adolescent issues, such as separation and divorce, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma, attention deficit disorders, bullying, learning disabilities and school phobias. Recognizing that children often communicate through play, we use a variety of expressive therapies such as art, play, sand tray therapy and/or cognitive behaviour therapy. We also offer parenting support and advice and ideas to help your child thrive.

Family Reunification Counselling

In high conflict divorces there is sometimes the possibility that the children could become distant from one or both parents. At times, therapeutic interventions for the children, as well as their parents, may become necessary. For example, children might find themselves caught up in the middle of the parental conflict and may need outside intervention to move forward. Parent education might also become necessary to understand how the conflict impacts their children, as well as understanding the benefits of having both parents involved in their children’s lives.

The intervention is for parents whose parent-child relationships have been damaged or have become estranged from their children. Our team creates an individualized approach that fits the family’s needs. The goal is to repair the damaged parent-child relationship through reunification counselling, therapeutic activities, and parent education. The therapeutic parenting time approach is flexible, adaptable, and can be custom designed to fit the requirements of specific interventions.

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