Child Exchange Transition

About Child Exchange Transition

Crowning Life Consulting understands the possible tension and stress that may arise between parents during family reorganization. Recognizing this, we work to minimize potential conflict between parents by eliminating contact between the two parties. This provides a safe place for the exchange of children from one parent to another and encourages the  relationship between children and parents to continue. The child exchange professional will safely transport  the child/ren from one parent to the other. This allows parents to have no contact with one another and be at peace knowing their children will experience a conflict free transition from one parent to the other. Parents can assist their children by understanding their feelings and  encouraging them to have a positive relationship with the other parent.

When is a Child Exchange Transition Beneficial? 

In high conflict family matters where the parents have a No-Contact court order, organizing a child exchange service might be necessary

When both ex-spouses agree that a child exchange service would be a healthier alternative for their child(ren),  a third party would be arranged to transition the child(ren) from one parent to the other.

This service is particularly beneficial when families are unable to transport their child(ren), do not want to do the driving by themselves or simply need a break.

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