Our History

Iris Wagner-Ritzmann started Crowning Life Consulting in 2014 by offering supervised parenting time services, reintegration services, and child exchanges for families during separation and divorce. The practice grew quickly, and Iris realized her clients needed specialized support in addition to the services she was already providing.

At times, families experienced disappointment in the court system and sought alternative ways to resolve conflict. Recognizing the need for resolving conflict outside the court system, Iris began offering mediation services to families who required support. Through this service, ex-couples found a safe and secure space to voice their concerns, feel heard, and develop an understanding of their children’s wishes during a very difficult and painful time. The opportunity to use mediation instead of the Courts opened up new ways for families to move forward in a more positive direction after separation and divorce.

Iris also recognized that children affected by separation and divorce needed support. She noticed that many children of parents who were recently divorced or separated had difficulty processing their emotions; recognizing this, Iris began offering counselling services to children, individuals, couples, and families. In 2016, Michael Ritzmann joined Crowning Life Consulting as President, Life Coach and Parenting Time Supervisor.

Our Vision

Crowning Life Consulting Inc. is devoted to empowering individuals, strengthening families and rebuilding caring relationships through counselling, mediation and coaching.

Our Company Values

We believe that every individual has inherent value and has the right to be treated with respect and dignity.

We believe in the empowerment of individuals and in building relationships as a foundation for positive change.

We believe that the family unit, in all its diversity, is the basic building block of our society and so offering active support to meet the needs of its members is the key to a healthy society.

We believe in protecting, strengthening and advocating for children and youth as they are the most vulnerable members of our society.

Our Team

Iris Wagner-Ritzmann Founder Crowning Life Consulting Kelowna
Founder & Counsellor
President & Life Coach
okanagan counselling services dad and child

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